Monday, 24 December 2012

Gay Stats!!! =D

As a lifeless boy, I felt so bored then I started using the world gaydar in Jack'd to at least satisfying my 'hungry' eyes. Went over the world to check out hot guys..because not using Pro version so I filter in Asian only.

OMG!! There are a lot of gays all over the world, sometimes I quite doubt about those satistics and survey showed homosexual population in the world. As in how they identified homosexual?? I sure is self-admistered questionnaire, so it not really had high validity as many lesbians and gays still not out yet.

Anyways, I really got nothing to do so I did some satistics on gay related data in each country.

*These satistics just simply colltected randomly, the reliability and validity are super low as in not all GAYS USE the APPS. Just for fun* xD Not many countries and Asian data (only first two got included Caucasian) only too..sorry lazy to do more.

Highest percentage of gay: New York and San Francisco (I have to say each small street or area already make the list full. As in all distances are so close with each other..LOL Of course not all areas!!)

Lowest percentage of gay: Mongolia (Oh my! gays using the apps is super low!! The capital only got less than 10!! LOL)

Highest amount of hot guys: Singapore!!!! (Our neighbour really got a lot of hotties!!! Face type one..body type one..or consist both of them one...I really need to plan a trip to there!!! Anyone want join???) ; )

Lowest amount of hot guys: Erm...Japan?? (No I just checked on few regions only so I might be wrong =) *Peace* )

Highest flower boys: Korea and Thailand. (What I mean flower boys are those cute-boy and slim type of guys. Many people like it =) and Yes!! I like small eyes!! You can guess why got Korea..LOL Again no offend to Korean =) By the way, Korean also got number of  hot hunks xD

Highest hot hunks: Singapore and Cicago!! (Asian hunks at there quite high!!! Their bodies..; )

San Francisco's Gay Pride is like..Wow! hahaha





  1. the last pic was someone from the Philippine......

    1. I see. Sounds like you really in to me xD

    2. no,i'm into all.LOL

      filipinos are quite good in bed btw.XD

  2. Replies
    1. I don't care flower or hunk as long as he wants me =(

  3. Hahah, flower boys as to little boys throwing the petal of flowers during a wedding ceremony.

    Heheh, that's what came to my mind when I read it.

    1. Haahahaaha...I direct translated from Chinese. Have you been flower boy then???? ; )