Friday, 7 December 2012


So tiring for this few days until no time to go gym. Mum went oversea, I can do whatever I want at home..if you know what I mean ; ) However, I have to do all the houseworks =(

People may think for laundry just put everything inside the washing machine then settle, but my brother expensive clothes and pants MUST handwash!! and he is being served like a prince so not sure he knows how to use washing machine so don't talk about handwash with his precious hand. My dad and him also never seen them iron their own I help them ironing too. Ironing also need skills to get wrinkleless shirt and pants. =(

For cooking, I quite enjoy it even my cooking skills still got space for improvement =p Well, I mostly cook western cuisine, Chinese cuisine is quite hard for me x.x If lazy, I just order pizza and I don't care my brother likes or not =p

Looking at these, I can choose to be househusband..LOL I don't mind stay at home to take care everything if my love one willing to earn money to feed me xD How nice it's to anticipate your love one coming back from work and you are cooking then back hug you...then....*coughing* okay..out of track.

Nowaday, is there really a lot guys willing to become househusbands regardless gay or straight???

Hmmm.. ;)

Hubby wearing just apron waiting for you ; )
My future with him..even though the reality of this photo is not what I think xD


  1. LOL i know a friend who's dating a guy that told her he wouldnt mind being a house husband HAH

    but oh well, i still think in a family it'll be better if both people work, gay or straight = )

    1. Hmm..depends on the situation xD

  2. Kinda have this hypothetical scenario running in my mind, two guys, me and someone else... Settling down, both working, living in a dream house of sort... then it comes down to cleaning, my imagination dies =.=

    Get a maid maybe? but whose gonna take care of the maid?! stress stress~

    *then again... still single* sigh~

    1. Hahaha..then find a guy who willing to do housework. Maid also another option.

      Single..hmm.. *Hug* Same T.T