Thursday, 27 December 2012

End of the Year Review??

Saw my friends and many bloggers writting and talking about their new year resolution from 2012. Hence, I also want to write about it..hahahaha. Actually, not really new year resolution, just reflected back what significant things I have done in this year.

1. Truly accept who I really am. (I did it and no more denial, can't believe in the beginning of the year, I still thinking about find a girlfriend to date and fantasize about get marry and live 'normal' life.)

2. Start to write blog. (Finally, I started blogging on a very special day, the aim of it mainly want to express my thought about gay world and of course make new friends =) also a bit about my life.)

3. Make new gay friends. (Been inside the closet so tightly, I don't have any gay friends, so if got any question or problem about gay stuff, I have no one to seek for advice. Now I met some awesome fella? bitch? Fag? gay? (pick whatever you and I hope I can trust them xD )

4. Sign up gym membership. (I finally joined gym!! Don't want spend my dad's money so went to work part time and earned money that enough pay for one year fees. After one year I guess need to find another part-time job?? LOL)

5. Break myself. (This one I really didn't expect it, the evil apps led me to that point..LOL. Ok la I have to admit, I also wanted to try have 'fun' with people. Anyways, it's not a thing to proud of..just....thats it.)

6. Study hard for my future. (This one I totally failed!!! I didn't try my best or work hard for my study!!! I so disappointed for myself. Still got one last chance to fight, even though helping to reach my dream is quite hard this time. I must get at least 2 A-s T.T Oh can I achieve that.)

7. Have a date. (This one also failed to make it..I guess I have to work hard at gym too. To be qualified in superficial group?? Not really, just at least attract someone to accept me T.T)

Date! Where are you???!!!


  1. On the bright-side, you have accomplished a lot this year.

    Indeed an experience.


  2. Dont have to set such target de...

    set something with a measurable KPI lah~ I meant the last one, item number 7...

    else, you are doing great =D


    but not really on the break yourself part... lol~

    1. Ya. I should just follow the flow. KPI???

      Thank you!! =) and ya nothing to happy about that part

  3. 7 accomplishment for 2012. Just don't be to hard on yourself for certain things like number 7. It will come :)

    1. No, got two failed. Ya. I know that kind of thing is not you want then it will come one. Thanks =)

  4. don't rush into things okay whatever it is! = ) it will come lar Shin Y