Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Yes..you may have known what am I going talk about - unprotected sex.

It happened quite long ago, but I think I need to share it, so people can take it seriously and be more careful. Still remember one of my sex buddies..daddy? Yup, he has broken my trust to him.

That night, as usual I went his place for getting off. That time he seemed bigger, muscles more solid and abs coming out, totally turn me on. I could see he must trained very hard and for his age quite impressive.

Then, foreplay...blah blah blah. During halfway of the session, I suddenly noticed got a rubber kind of thing aside. I took it and found it was a condom. Only realized, he took it off halfway.

I asked him whether he really did or replace another? He said it's okay, I was clean so he dared to take it off...BUT I was not sure you are clean or not!!!!!!!! (I know he is very active one) Don't know why, I didn't have the strength to stop everything, maybe I scare of awkwardness if I did that....felt terrible for myself after he finished everything.

That was the time, made me realized how dangerous it's even he is a regular or sex buddy. I have known him for almost half year yet he broke my trust. I never expected this, since I thought people who play wild, should be more caution about it. In reality, it's not like that, once you started become wild, the risk always there!!

After that, it was my blood test journey started, I really scare about it. Went with a friend to have a speed test from NGO. The moment when the girl asked me what am I going to do if I diagnosed HIV? Totally freak me out!!!

Second time, Sean went with us (told him everything), kind of gave me support. Actually, he also wanted to test..lol Third test is coming soon, I hope everything will be okay. Sean keep saying don't worry too much. Really glad that I met you!! <3 =)

Those who having wild life, please play safe and be more alert to those you playing with, even though you have known him quite some times.  Don't  let your guard down and get yourself in trouble.

Protected first!!!


  1. Good write! Totally agree with you. One of my bestie is being diagnosed with HIV+. It has been 2 years now for him, and that emotional torture is just not worth it. I couldn't even understand how he really felt. Awareness is really something that people tend to just don't take it seriously.

    But really glad to read this! Really a good write! :)

    1. Thank you!! =D Ya..I feel sad to hear about that, but many youngters now like don't think they will get infected, not their business. =(

  2. ei, i read this post i laugh like shit man! hahahaha.. its so funny! its so malaysia, as in style of writing! remind me so much of me! lol perasan me...

    "He said it's okay, I was clean so he dared to take it off...BUT I was not sure you are clean or not!!!!!!!! (I know he is very active one)" lmao, i read until i laugh almost tears some more the down there you wrote about wild life i terus animal planet keluar lmao! hahahahahaha...

    but yea, its dangerous la, and hor, the thing people dont really feel the scare not until theyd done it..and its really very very difficult to pass the message out to youngsters these days.. hopefully it helps one person la, also cukup.. sekali scare sometimes pun tak cukup one, for example me, -.-, i know, i memang hopeless, but i can say i really lucky la, anyway, hopefully you sex properly la, sometimes if the guy too hot also very hard to resist one haih! lollllll

    1. Hahaha..because I'm Malaysian ; )

      I also can write in proper and nice way okay? just write this way more comfortable xD Wild life..true ma..just for mating or sex, no commitment is involved.(Talking about past me ;)

      Ya..have seen those youngters in forum, really believe others but not them will get any diseases from sex. Of course I must resist hot guys no matter what...for Him xD

  3. Anyone who says that is a jerk!! I had the same experience before when I was still in malaysia. Yea la of course I know i am clean coz I do tests and stuff, the thing is I dun know if you are the same as well!

    Did you go the PT Foundation? It's the only result that came out when I googled it a while ago.

    Besides hiv, there are many other STIs to be worried about and there aren't places that gays can go to and feel safe in Malaysia.

    1. Yes, I went there and it's the only safe place for us to go (from what I know)T.T

      Test for STD need go hospital which sometimes quite insecure for me to go when they ask a lot of questions -.-

  4. Thank you for the reminder.


  5. Yeah thanks. Have a great holiday.