Friday, 16 August 2013

Voices for Friend with Benefit

Read the post from soulchild about friend with benefit, it's a good writing, and he and I have been discussed this topic before. I just want to add another few points about this topic.

No doubt that some people confuse or abuse the term friend with benefit (FwB), but some are just too afraid of being in this kind of relationship. You can't deny it's quite hard to handle the boundary between FwB and boyfriend. Some just don't know how to handle, and make the other party thinks he is just abusing..

To be fair, you spend one month with a dog, already can formed emotional attachement, so don't tell me it's very easy to handle, when you as human spending time with a gender you born to be attracted, and somemore sex is involved. Highly Emotional people (*slowly raising up hand*) tend to easily fall for that guy or confuse about the relationship.

When they try to ask whether want to proceed more, mostly they will get "Sorry. To me, you just FwB). It's more heart broken than Friendzoned!!! You already foreseen it, but it still hurt!! Hence, SOME people seems agree to be FwB, but they act more like sex buddy, because maybe they know can't handle the boudary well or afraid of being hurt.

Abuse the FwB? What really means abuse to me is THOSE JERKS who already living together as boyfriend life, just don't acknowledge anything. Why?? because it's easy for them to just dump that person by just saying "We are just FwB" or "I thought we are just FwB? *act innocent*" ASSwhole!!!  (*Ehem* not my story. You know stories from forum..yes! forum again..not sure true or not but I trust them. lol)

Friend with benefit is really a complicated thing, so I don't really like it. Sometimes it becomes so nasty and hard to settle. Hence, for those highly emotional people or anybody, please think twice when you want to be in FwB. Not everyone can be rational and truly understand what they want.

If you don't handle well, you either being hurt or be a jerk, especially it became:
Friend with Benefit = Boyfriend without Commitment 

Trust me, it's not going to end up nicely. Therefore, think properly before you start with someone.

Friend......with Benefit


  1. Hahaha. Like the equation.

  2. can't a mutual agreement be done beforehand to have the boundary between FwB and boyfriend?maybe can be done on people like me since i lack of emotion...

    1. Well, agreement is dead, but feeling is alive

    2. agree,and the statement "agreement is dead" is really true and it's a good statement for me to have some deep thougt session with itXD