Monday, 19 August 2013

Him, His & He..Sayhi

When I first saw Him, I felt so shocked about His gorgeous face, and He is Alex Sayhi..LOL Don't get me wrong, I still love Sean more. xD

Alex Sayhi..I found him when I was surfing the internet, and came across a blog shared about this guy. You may not find him hot or good looking, but I like that kind of face features. I hardly like Caucasian, but he caught my attention ; ) His name also quite catchy and easy to remember =)

Ohhh god...I melted~

He is a French model, while also a martial artist, professional acrobat and actor ; ) talented!!! Some people say he got Asian bloodline, but still not sure abotu it. I think he got because he doesn't look like typical French and also has a bit Asian features (A bit la).

Talk less and pics time!!!! xD (Oh! He has intagram and twitter account, just google it ; )


  1. THAT SMILE IS A KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hmm...dont know. Need to do research ; )

  3. he's a charming lad indeed...he look like someone that come from an elite family....

  4. yer never knew you are into caucasian one