Sunday, 11 August 2013

Loved Me

Do you remember
We were holding hand
Looking at the same sky
Talking about our future

Do you remember
One night you held my hand
And kissed my forehead
Saying how much you love me
Don't know since when
We are looking at different skies
And I am no longer
Part of your future

Don't know since when
The person who loving me so much
Now trying to find a reason
To walk out my life

All the reasons
You can think of
Like needles poke into
My heart that loving you
But do you know
All I want just hear you say
You loved..loved
loved me
That's all I want to know

Inspired by few posts in a forum, talking about their heart broken stories. They really touched my heart and I can feel their pain. Being in a relationship, I understand how heart broken it is when you end with him, especially not ended peacefully.

Sometimes, when bf wants end it, all he want is at least the bf truly loved him. Perhaps it can make him feels less pain.

However, I am very glad that some of them moved on, though some still struggling to get out from it, but at least they started to try. Many still haven't lost hope about gay relationship =)

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