Saturday, 3 August 2013

The End with Him

All your sweet talks
Became knives cutting my heart
Piece by piece
Holding hand together forever
Already like nigtmare to me
That I will never dream of
Your scent Your voice Your everything
Became scars in my heart
That I can never forget
Unitl I die
All the promises you made
Became broken glass pieces
And my hands are full of blood
By collecting all those pieces

One litre of tear
Also can't stop my bleeding heart
Maybe because I still remember
Who was the first to say I will always love you
And wanted to be together till the end
The path that we were walking together
I didn't know that one day
It would stop 
Perhaps you also didn't know
Love will change
Already passed too many days to count
I finally feel tired
No matter what is said there is no way back
You already walking in different path
I know I need to start adapt
Walking my path alone now

P.S. Not about Sean & I, just felt like writting it out long ago.  

Listening to some emo songs while writting it out. Gosh..I love emo songs T.T  Don't know why even though I didn't really go through heart broken time before, but still very love to listen.


  1. Yeah... Always loved those emo song. It just catches your attention in so many ways.

  2. u have way with word! Love the lyric really much. Wish I can express myself through word this much

    1. Thanks!! =D You also can!! Express in your own style or way

  3. I even have a heart break playlist in my spotify!

    1. Mind to share those songs? hahaha

  4. Phew...thank god still together...