Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sacrifice and Love

I always wondering what is the most reliable thing to prove you truly love a person, maybe like those pathetic drama where willing to sacrifice yourself to save your love one. I really have a deep thought about it whether I willing to sacrifice my life to save my beloved in such situation. To me, it is not impossible to happen because you can find parents always willing to sacrifice themselves to save their children in dangerous or emargency situation. You can call it love or scientificly..instinct?

I do believe when you really in love with a person (but not blindly loving), you willing to do anything to protect him from danger. However, not the case you will do anything to get him love you. Then also come to the case that even he does not love you, you still willing to sacrifice? We sure watch a lot of movie or drama got such scene when the one being friendzoned still willing to do anything for his or her love one even there is no reciprocal love.

Up to this point, I have my own view that if let me choose I will become the one who survive because the one who still survive will have the pain and memories that can't never get rid of and bring them along throughout his or her life. No matter you move on or not, the pain or scar still there and be with you until you sleep in coffin. Then, it's kind of another way to show you truly love him because you don't want him to leave painful and suffering for entire life. I know it sounds selfish, but of course it only happens when both of you willing sacrifice for each other, not that I will force my love one to sacrifice if he does not want.

Also, I have to point out that not willing to sacrifice doesn't mean he doesn't love you, just that not everyone put lover at first place because you have to think about family and other things.

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