Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Time has changed

From the previous post, I said about all men always put the physical attractiveness in first place when searching for partner. However, today I read a research that has been done in UK and Europe showed that now things has changed in both gender's preferences for lover.

Now guys prefer women have higher intelligence or smarter rather than got nice appearance (especially boobs ; p), they don't want their partners are beauty but dumb or not that smart. While ladies on the other hand prefer men to be good looking and hot rather than rich because now most women can earn even more money than men. This gives a big punch to us because the preferences for mate totally swapped from both genders.

Then, I think about would there also a change in gay, but I think is still the same gays totally fall under the same situation with women now. Can be independet and earn enough money so they prefer good looking and hot bod guys rather than other stuff. Nonetheless, I think there still have hope and chance to be different. Maybe the researchers should use homosexual couples as participants to see got any changes in them or not. You will never know what will happen in the future. Now I just hope homosexual can be accepted publicly, then I think the sort of dark side of gay world would become better..because I believe why gay men are so unstable in term of relationship status..the world acceptance may play one of the important roles for it.

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