Monday, 10 September 2012

Judgement from Human and Gay?

We always judge book by its cover, no matter how rational we are, we still will fall to this trick. That's why people always say first impression is very important in many circumtances because you have to impress a person by showing the best side of you. Not everyone has the chance to let people to understand you when you have given them a bad impression because it takes time to clear the stereotype and misunderstanding.

I found gay or all men mostly are visual hunters as you find a target looks hot and tasty then only take further action. It's seldom for gay to look at inner beauty first, I know not just gay do that but I think gay are highly focus on physical attractiveness ad palce it at first place. That's why most gay who don't have gorgeous looks like go to build up their body because they know if not do so you have a chance being out of market. Sometimes find out so cruel in gay world but well I think it's the reality by now. Maybe I am wrong since I still haven't really explored the gay world very well, but I do believe there is situation like this.

In gay, both partners are men and not like straight relationship, females normally don't care about the look when you got money or rich (No offence for ladies). Many researches have found men are definitely visual animal when finding their partners that's it becomes a bit sad for gay men to find the partner because most of us tend to look for physical appearances first only to willing to get to know that person better.
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