Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Standards and Requirements for Lover?

I always dreaming of what and how my future beloved will be with all the standards and requirements I want for. However, in real life we normally don't end up what we have set in the first place for lover. From my observations, many couples (all straight since my gay circle is zero) always being in relationships with that person who kind of opposite what they wanted. For example, one girl I know in her list of requirement..he must be non-smoker, non-drinker, tall, older than her..guess what? she ended up with a guy who is a smoker, drinker, short, and younger than her. Well, maybe there are other things that attracted her, so I can't really judge it based from one side of observation since they still a lovely couple now.

Some cases (mostly the girlfriends are my friends..well I have a lot of female friends compared to male -.-) I have met also kind of same with the case above, I just curious how they ended up together and what really attracted them from both parties. Love in first sight? Erm..not really fan of it but still believe it exists. Or else I can say those people make the girls changed their mind set or perspective about the standards and requirements.

Then, I can conclude that all those standarda and blah blah blah are nothing when you really love a person very much. For gay, I think we mostly are visual hunters so it may becomes a extra point or booster when he is good looking and got hot body. Yet I still believe there is a long term relationship or being together forever in gay relationship. I won't give up even I'm the only one left to believe it. =)

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