Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Friend My Way Prt. 2

Browsing my social media sites, I really don't have so many friends. However, people normally would say less friends is okay as long as you have few close friends. Also shared about it before about my style > friend

Then, some say once you started a relationship, you might loss two close friends. Not sure it's true or not, but to me still the same. This is due to my attitude and personality not because of friend and lover balancing. Before I met Sean, I spend my time at home, gym and Uni, even though I have free time still prefer stay at home and living in my own world. That's me - a rather loner in social world. 

Some people cannot stand to eat alone at restaurant or any place. To me I totally don't mind to eat, walk, study, sit alone at any occasions. Then, I really don't need friend at all?? Of course not, sometimes I also need friend to share my life and problem. One or two are enough for me.

Few days ago, my bestie suddenly called me at night and need someone there beside her. Typical lazy and homebody me normally will reject, but I know she really needs me. Hence, I straight away get ready and went to meet her.

I felt touched because she knows me so well, so chose a place near my house but quite far for her. She was the one felt sad and depressed yet still thought about me. We hadn't met for few months, but she totally understand my style for friends even close friends. 

When we met like usual chatting non-stop and never separated before. I tried my best to make her laugh and console her about her issues. Luckily it all worked =D  She is the type very sociable and can't believe we can became so close. She can call anyone anytime she wants, yet I am the one came to her mind, who always reject her invitation and rarely message her personally.  

She said she knows I am like that but if she needs someone I am sure willing to be her company. Awww...almost cried when I heard that T.T It's so nice to chat with her since she knows all my things including Sean and I. I said I will become more "invitable" for outing and message more. She just said no need and I totally after a while still be the same..LOL She really the worm in my stomach. xD

I asked her should I change my attitude and style about maintaining friendship? She said just try to be more active, but if really all friends left me, she will never leave me alone. Okay this time my tears really running around my eyes, but controlled since we were at mamak..LOL

She also pointed out my weird logic, once I am closer to a person, I tend reduce the contact instead of increase it. I also didn't realize and still don't know why. xD Currently, I put lover, family then only friend first. I know it's bad, but just at the moment is like that only. I really hope able find more close friend like her. Love you~


  1. sigh, I guess the odds of meeting you one day in person is really low.

  2. Why? I still like meet new people, just you have to intiate and approach me. Gosh sound so bitchy and arrogant xD

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  4. ain't lover=family?
    what sort of worm she is?tapeworm?earthworm?hahaha
    like you some of my close friends i seldom keep in touch(sms/call) but will try to meet in flesh more often

    1. When everything is stable only consider family.
      It's Chinese idiom or metaphor. -.-

    2. of course i know it's metaphor,just joking,haha