Saturday, 21 December 2013

Let it Go! Let it Go! long didn't blog anything due to busy life and aslo tired to just on laptop. The tittle of this post just purely because this song Let it Go stuck in my head since I watched Frozen! I really love this song so much. Raped the reply button don't know how many times xD

Life still good to me, I quite enjoy using public transport, don't know why just think actually our public transport not really that bad. Looking outside jamming like hell, assure me that I made a right choice. Inside the train, you can observe a lot of things. Human really an interesting creature in term of behaviours and attitudes. 

Sometimes, I can hear some interesting stories from them. An old Chinese lady who wearing very old clothes and looks a bit not normal. First impression people will try to avoid her, but two malay ladies talked to her and I overheard their conversation. The old lady's children all very successful in life, but all went oversea and no one take care of her at all. Got a daughter want to take care, but she gave up own country's citizenship. Staying at SG and  very hard to come back. Sacrificed half of her life time for children (6 of them I think) but in the end no one cares about her anymore.

We always tend to neglect the relationships that mean the most to us because we figure they will always be there. By the time, you realized it's just gone, everythign is too late just left remorse. Oh! I also saw a foreign worker gave his seat to needy, compared to own local who suddenly went blind inside the train. Sigh, sometimes they have better manners than us, who so called higher level and educated. 

Sean is more busy than me, and I know I must get use to it, especially his social life. Like my bestie said, I'm already considered good compared to her who only able to meet boyfriend few times every month. As long as we keep texting each other everyday, I feel content ady. I feel really happy to meet him, because I can feel like I'm getting more matured...erm actually that's what my bestie said..LOL

Well, I may not matured enough, but I will try slowly to become a better man and no more naive boy anymore. Also apply on workplace, I can't think everything in simple way, I must work harder and of course earn more money for my or maybe our future =)

Have a nice tea to relax. =)



  1. I watch Frozen and like this song the most...
    I downloaded the whole album on the same day...
    other song in the movie sound like the same only...
    Btw Happy Winter Solstice...

    1. Oo I only love this song xD and Happy Winter Solstice too. Have you eaten tang yuan?

  2. Haha, indeed. I was hooked to it after watching the movie. I like Idina Menzel's version much more than Demi Lovato's one.


  3. humans are interesting creatures and sometimes i just want to do something just to see what reaction a person will give meXD