Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Spilt it Out

Fuuuu~ Recently, I was busy with a lot of things and of course included dating xD Last week was a nice week because able to spend time with Sean for few days straight since both of us were flexible for our time.

Nnetheless, during our movie date, there was hilarious scene when I was drinking water, I spilt the water because of laughing =.= It kena Sean's face a bit.never forget his face when I did that. Totally super super embarassing!!!! Luckily no other around me. It's nominated as Top embarassing moments in my life T.T

However, this week we started each other new job, so it's still not stable about our meet up timing. Well, we will work it out. One good thing about this new chapter, both of us moslty able to meet on every morning on week day. Currently, we taking public transport together and go to our workplace. I guess Sean working time will be flexible soon, so no need go early perhaps..jealous xD

New job is quite challenging, because they going to train me as team leader, but my team members are mostly 1 or 2 times older than me -.- Hmm..like my Head said, how long you have been working doesn't equal to working experience. I must try my best to become a...good LEADER!!

Arhh..really feel a bit pressure, but one thing need to improve is my social skills. I really need to get along well with them. Well, it going to take step by step to become a good leader. A lot of things to learn during the process.

2014 is coming!!! Have you guys planned where to go or celebrate New Year Eve?? I'm definitely celebrate it with Sean =)

Found this sexy photo. I don't mind to help him..LOLLL


  1. Hey being able to take public transport together is so romantic!

    1. Haha..but not when you are sandwiched inside the train.

  2. facial hair is such a turn off weiiii