Thursday, 5 December 2013

Last Day

Today was last day of working at the company. I felt kind of mixed feelings, feel a bit down cause gonna miss the people here because most of them are friendly while happy for my new chapter of life. Manager still a bit angry or feel betrayed, but I know why from other colleague because he thinks I'm a quite good employee and expect me to help him longer.

I still feel a bit anxious when going to a whole new environment. However, I know I can adapt it well and I have to!! I decided to take public transport go work, but listened many experiences from others, make me a bit worry. Please be nice to me KTM, LRT, Monorail!!! I don't wish you reach on time, but at least don't too late. *Finger crossed*

Sean also changing his job, and surprisingly our locations are quite close to each other. I seriously didn't plan or expect that, but still don't think got time to meet. This due to we have to go gym or classes, and ours are different gym. Well, still can meet for lunch time I guess, see how first xD

My dear mom went oversea for vacation and quite plenty of housework need to do. I really want to salute those working mothers, who can take care home and working at the same time!!!! It's so freaking hard and tiring!!! Mummy spoiled my dad and bro as they don't know how to do anything =.= Faster come back, I miss your cooking and of course you...LOL xD

Find time to read book too

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