Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gay signal and Cruising at Gym. Finally?

First of all, talking my blog's view slightly increased a bit which from the post talking about my new crush. Human are really visual creature as I put some hot (to me is hot) pictures. Well, I don't expect anyone will read my blog cause I just want to write anything out about gay stuff so I will not go nuts when keeping and hiding inside my mind.

Anyways, back the topic, recently I went to gym and something weird happened in locker room. I was finished work out and went to my locker to get ready to take shower. Being there for awhile, I was not shy anymore to just take off my clothes and pants off, but of course took off my underwear with wrapping towel around me. It might be normal, but seriously I felt quite shy in the first time to take off my clothes and pants publicly.

Okay, straight to gist, there is a guy..have seen him for few times..very fast took off his clothes and pants when he saw me preparing to shower..not sure I was overthinking it or what..he took off his undies without towel cover him and I faster avoid the contact with him because I was quite nervous. Then, I went inside my shower cubicle..HERE is the thing..he straight away followed me and went inside the cubicle beside me. I was like...there were so many empty cubicles there as it's not peak hour..and normally people will avoid go cubicle got people beside them becasue the cubicles are not fully cover as like some toilet you can squat down and spy on the person beside you and the water will splash to you from other side.

Many things went through my mind and I kept telling myself there is just conincidence and I was too sensitive. However, he was like totally lean on my cubicle's wall, but the cubicle not that small..our wall can consider semi-trasnparent so I could the shape of his butt...lol. Plus, his foot crossed to my area as again I don't think the cubicle is that small for him to stand towards my side so close..(can fit two persons). I became quite nervous and thought that was this a signal or what?

Anyways, with zero experience about gay life so don't even talk about cruising. I faster finished my shower and went back to my locker. He also faster went out after that and normally we changed to another clothes instead of our smelly clothes, but he wore back his clothes beofore shower and left the locker room before me. I tried not to blatantly stare at him because I afraid of any misunderstanding or whatever. Tried to search for him, but he just disappeared.

He is not bad as got nice chest and quite visible abs, just shorter than me and in the age around 30? but overall is good as a target..hahaha. I have no idea about it, maybe I just overthought since have been reading all those cruising at gym stuff from many bloggers...LOL. Sorry to that guy if I misunderstood him.

Well, I have no gay friend or any sources to give me advice so I just let it go. Next time, don't know will encounter the real one or not, don't think it will happen to me...hohohoh,,,but I also don't know how to handle if it happen.

That obvious signal..LOl

His body around this but fater and the face of course older


  1. I heard a leg across the other cubicle is a sign, put your leg over too and you will have an interesting night.. lol

    So you going to put pictures of guys all over your blog to attract views ke?..

    1. Really? I guess I missed the chance..lol

      Not really..just put pictures when what I'm writing need to. Pointless to put pictures when what i'm talking does not need..hehe

  2. my encounter is at kl sentral, i was peeing at the urinal and the guy besides me masturbate and keep showing his dick to me. i wanted so much that dick but not courage enough to touch it.

    aged 24 and still unable to accept who i am.

    1. Hmm..everyone has different timing, you need more times and courage. Try get to know more friends in our circle (not hook up) and even accepted yourself also have to control any public fun. Sometimes do not end up nicely.