Sunday, 14 July 2013

"Contract Marriage" for us

I'm sure most people know what contract marriage is, and many romantic or chick flicks like use it as the starter of destiny kind of love for characters.

"A contract marriage is a marriage where the two participants get married most commonly to help each other financially. Also there may be benefits for married people that the two people involved want to benefit from." Just in case you don't know =)

However, I'm talking about a Contract Marriage for LGBT. I went through a forum, and found that China have some websites for LGBT to search their ideal "partner" for contract marriage, basically are gays and lesbians finding each other instead of finding Straight people.

As you know, most urban families in China only have one child, except rural area. No doubt gays really have the pressure to continue their family bloodline. Hence, it makes these kind of websites appear to sort of help them.

 There are just like normal match finder, only that both parties just have mutually beneficial relationship no other than that. A gay will find a suitable lesbian or vice versa, to get married, and some even will agree to have children. Both still can have their own true partners, just don't disclose to each other family.

Although the market seems not really huge, since now people are more open to homosexuality or even same sex marriage, yet there still some people have the pressure and caused them to choose contract marriage.

Nonetheless, there are many issues surround this kind of marriage, like legal and children issues. Many of us would against this kind of marriage, but sometimes we have to put ourselves in other's shoes. China still not like other contries, where homosexuality still a taboo, even the condition slightly better.

Thinking about the recent survey, our country actually worst than China...not sure this kind of contract marriage already existed here. =.= 

Would you???


  1. I would. If I could. I could marry one who can improve my genes.

    1. Wah..didn't expect looking that kind of direction. xD

  2. Dunno leh.. This happens in the US too

    1. Ya..I think US also got but now same sex marriage better ady.