Saturday, 11 January 2014

Why Homosexuality Didn't Extinct??

Actually, why homosexuality exists?? I believe everything's existance has its reason. According to evolution theory, one of the purposes of humans' survival is to pass down their genes generation to generation. If anything that is not compliance, it will slowly kick out from the nature selection. However, why homosexuality still in proportion of the population at any stage of the history?? And we are everywhere around the world!!

Canadian reserachers found the reason behind it.  Let's use bee as example first, worker bees or honey bees can't not reproduce, but they play very important role in expanding the population and continue to evolve. They protect bees, queen bee, rearing offspring. In a sense, worker bees can't reproduce which directly contributed to the success of bees' community in order to continue expland and evolve.  

Then, why it's related to homosexual?? It's becuase homosexuality exists in favour of human reproduction and diffusion. In the South Pacific, in the middle of the ocean between New Zeland and Hawaii, there is a island called Samoa. In 1000 BC, Samoan was settled already, and the were still isolated and living in traditional community before the 18th century. 

Why so special about Samoan?? Samoan society addresses gay crowd as part of their unique traditional culture. In Samoa, ancient local gay men are called "Fa'afafine", do not procreate, but completely accepted by society, especially their families. 

In 2010, Canadian scientists found that these gay men on the island not just particiapte in normal labour work and production, but also devoted a lot of energy taking care their nieces and nephews (these children sharing average of 25% genes with them)

To compensate for their disadvantage of no offspring, every gay Samoan could indirectly promote family niece, nephew increase in the nubmer of two or so, and these kids can get more family members' love, higher survival rate and enhanced quality of life. These mean gay men contributed to a great extent of contunuation of their family's genes. 

You may think it cannot apply to current modern century and society, but bear in mind the so called modern or civilized cenutry only has around 200 years history. However, since the birth of mankind we have at least 240 milion years undergo the nature selection, and until now homosexuality still exists.

Therefore, Samoa island gay lifestyle, to a certain extent represent a natural choice for the human genome: the existence of homosexuality human race will survive more children, there will be more food, they will be more healthy, genes will spread wider.

I know this finding may not 100% true, but at least we know homosexuality is not something against what people like to say - The NATURE!!
Anyone close and very caring to your niece or nephew? You are doing your job of nature right ; ) 

Guy who taking care of child is so attractive ; ) LOL


  1. Continue with your line of argument, it may help explain why homosexuality is still being passed down in the Samoan community (straight people understand importance of gays). But how do we apply this theory in other parts of the world where most of our parents are against homosexuality?

    1. Well, to me as long as it's able to give some thought on what's homosexuality to society, because many people fear or can't accept due to uncertainty or wrong idea about it. Parents need times to become comfortable to discuss the topic, only got chance to tell them what homosexuality really is.