Tuesday, 11 June 2013

50 things must do in life..same to Gay??

Found an article about things you must do in life, so your life will be completed and happy. I found most of them are what we want regardless straight or gay, but some seems like maybe different what we want. I wrote comments based on my opinion..you might don't agree. =)

1.       No worry for money

2.       Don’t have to overcare about others’ feelings

3.       At least two vacations each year (Big must for me!!)

4.       Enjoy some peace in life

5.       Experience different culture

6.       Working for life, not living for working

7.       Clear all the debts

8.       Be myself (Very important for us!!!!)

9.       Focus on what I have without extravagant hopes

10.   Work so hard saving money for future, why don’t just live in present (Oh yeah!!)

11.   Spend times with family and friends

12.   Try variety of food, live to eat (My dream if body allows =( ]

13.   Find true love (We all do want it!!!)

14.   At least been 25 countries travel (Ermm...15 I already satisfied)

15.   More outdoor activities

16.   Learn new language

17.   Be praised by family and friends

18.   If family need help, do whatever I can to help

19.   Lose weight same as a rock (I'm the opposite..gain weight like rock size..lol)

20.   See every day as last day of my life

21.   Been all UK historical sceneries (Ermm..not important to me)

22.   Have impromptu vacation, just grab luggage and go (If I got extra money)

23.   Be a volunteer in a good project

24.   Have an adventure

25.   Have animal hunting vacation  (Well, I prefer other kind of hunting ;  *wink wink*

26.   If possible, shop and spend as much money as I can at least once (My ultimate goal!!!)

27.   Learn new music instrument (Piano!! D;)

28.   Have a marriage for 20 years ("Relationship" for us...15 years already thank god!!!!)

29.   Leave enough money for next generation (Erm..for us maybe your lover and family la)

30.   Have my own family (This one is possible for us!! =D )

31.   Earn more money than people with my age

32.   Have a pet (Definitely going to have pets in my entire life)

33.   Travel alone (Oh yes! ; )

34.   Drifting with a race car

35.   Capable to raise children with good personalities (maybe niece and nephew?)

36.   Meet stranger (Hahahahaha....I also don't know how many strangers I met.

37.   Leave my home and go to new place.

38.   Have one night stand (Again...hahahahahaha. Quite easy for us..right right?? ; )

39.   Have driving license

40.   Have a certificate of degree

41.   Help people and be a hero once

42.   Have a date with a person who makes me excited, but he/she is not suitable to me (I think most of us encountered)

43.   Get promoted in workplace once

44.   In the highest career position before 40

45.   Join a party which on for whole day (Depends what party ; )

46.   Performing in front of crowd

47.   Kiss a stranger (Erm....just kiss???) xD How about have 'fun' with a hot guy once?? ; )

48.   Organize a surprise party

49.   Have an exciting and dangerous activity, eg bungee jump

50.   Spend times with children, even not biologica (Can go help those kids who need our help)

Have you already done some of them?? =)

To me, I will add few things. - Hold hand with my loved one in public
                                                - Come out with my parents and in the end they accept
                                                - Have close friends who can share everthing

Just hope all are not just dream in my sleep






  1. a few has been completed but a long way more to go to complete it all xD

    1. Same!!!! =D Let's complete it..lol

  2. quite alot have been completed dy

    1. Wah...so fast and I am very sure which one you definitely completed ; )

  3. Replies
    1. Why? Must try at least once in your life ; )

  4. Lots more to complete T__T.

    1. It is okay..complete them slowly :)