Sunday, 13 July 2014

To Sean & The End

Dear Sean,

Finally I got courage to write this to you. It have been a while, not sure how are you. I'm okay now but I want to write what in my mind.

Cut it short, I know you tried to minimize the hurt but what have you done really the way hurt me the most, especially I knew the truth. Maybe what I writing now is not all true, but this time I want to be selfish once because I am tired of blaming myself.

Regardless of all those things, I still no regret met and loved you in my life. I have learned a lot from you and at least grown up a little bit. However, I still who I am and nothing can change me. I will still carry the same way to see relationship and love. That's my belief and I wish I able to find someone have same thought like me, and for you too.

Letting you go is the best thing I can do for myself and you also. I'm ready go to for another chapter of my life, and hope you so or I guess you already started earlier than me..haha.

I not sure we still can be friend after all these happened, maybe I know in the end we will become friend again but just really a friend only. I wish you all the best, and accomplish what you want in life. =)

Here I also want to say thank you very much to few people, especially my bestie. She really supported me a lot. Can't forget to mention Mr Shadow Wind and Soulchild, love you all. Friendship is awesome!! Oh, and Mr Tuls as well, you really a nice guy and handsome boy!! lol xD


 Edited the lyrics because it should be positive =)

還是好朋友 都只是藉口 安慰的話別說
不如保持沉默 離開了都別回頭
當我們不再為愛歌頌 揮霍說好的夢
曾依賴的手 已不再溫柔 我還能要甚麼

一個人過的簡單 也許輕鬆 卻還是寂寞
多希望再被愛感動 幸福都只剩空白
但未來畫面多精彩 是非常值得期待