Saturday, 29 March 2014


When the first time I saw him, he seems so cold and no smile on his face at all. However, his good looking face still made me paid full attention to him. After some introduction, he is mixed of British & Chinese. As expected, that's the reason he got such gorgeous features. Well, actually what I didn't expect was his smoky voice when he sings, because his speaking voice just like normal tune. Totally fell for his sexy smoky voice.

At first, I really thought he is a person doesn't like to smile, but actually he just too shy to show his true self. His smile really can melt people's heart. After some times, I finally know why he is like that. He is from a broken family, and sometimes I can sense his loneliness from his eyes.

He used to think his mum was not a good mother, but he realized he was a bad son instead after he grew up. Now, he does whatever he can to be the good son for his mum. A guy who fighting for his dream with full of passion. A guy I know from a singing competition show xD

Know him from a Taiwanese talent show first, then he also joined a Chinese talent show at China. Top 5 finalist, can know he will have bright future ; )

Smoky voice


First time saw him xD

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