Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lasting Love

"Long long time ago, Black Mage created a spell that can hynotize people, and they will follow his command no matter what it is. However, the spell doesn't work on Moonlight Witch, even he kept trying came out with many new spells also still the same. 

One day, Black Mage finally succeeded to hynotize Moonlight Witch. Ice Wizard heard about it, and went to visit Black Mage to know the secret of the spell. Black Mage just said it's just three simple words, which most people underestimate how powerful they are until lost their guard - I LoveYou."

How many of us have fallen into this sweet and risky trap? Some people can easily get these words, but some need to beg for it. Why is it so important? It is going to last long?

We have heard a lot many gay couples been together so many years, yet they still broke up. This time, I'm writing about something positve which many of us hope it can happen on us. An old gay couple (Jack Evans 84 & George Harris 80) finally able to get married legally at their state on their 53rd annivesary!!!!!!!

Can you imagine yourself being with a guy for half of century?? You don't feel bored? Hahaha..joking only. This couple insisted to get married at their homeland Dallas, Texas and finally their wish came true. They literally invited everyone to their wedding, just want to share their joy.

Maybe for us marriage is still far away, but their commitment for their relationship relly earn our respect and envious as well xD. One thing from my opinion, it is very important to have same interest with your partner, if not try find one or more.

What is it really falling out of love? Lost interest on him? Is it possible to make both of you feel interested on each other again? There are many ways to sustain a relationship. Love is not everything in relationship, other things also needed to be aware of. At certain point, boyfriend will eventually become family. Not sure it's good thing, but at least it means you feel comfortable with him and he is already. totally part of your life.

I also not a love or marriage expert, I'm still a newbie for relationship, but I just want to be more positive and optismistic to look at gay relationship.

Look at his smile and joy =)

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