Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Move on Fast Means?

I always wonder is there any certain timing for move on. How long considered normal or too much? Is move on fast means you didn't love your ex that much? You are very hard to move on means you really love your ex so much?

Ask 10 people, you might get 10 different answers. Like my bestie said is all depends on that individual and how he/she perceive it.

To me, move on means let go myself from the past witohut keep dwelling in it. I know it's impossible to forget someone you love. However, how you see and feel for that person is within your control.

If you ask me how I feel for Sean. Now my answer is I still love him but not that kind of way it used to be anymore. No one can replace him because it's unique memories between us yet it just became part of memories. Maybe if I bump into I won't say Hi, but now I slowly realize one day I will able to say hi or even give a friendly hug.

For someone, it takes very long time for them to move on while some are just need few weeks can move on and welcome new chapter. Nothing wrong to do either but just make sure you are really move on to welcome a new person go inside your heart witohut hurting him.

There are also some people realize they are happier being single. Well, that's also good way to live on, but also need to be caution whether you really love being single or just follow trend or influenced by others.