Saturday, 29 November 2014

Nothing means Nothing?

Again, let me clean the dust on my blog first *blowing*. It has been 2 weeks after the last post. Nothing special happened, or maybe it's happening..haha.

One day I did something to my friend.

Me: I got something can make you happy. Just give me your hand.

She: What?! Erm..okay.

Me: *Grab something from pocket, and put on her palm*

She: *Saw nothing on palm* Hahaha..stupid!! There's nothing.

Me: No! I made you smiled, so it's not nothing.

Maybe it's lame, but when think about it. When we doing something passionately, and giving all our efforts on it. In the end, we said there's nothing we get. Is it true? Sometimes when we say we get nothing, actually it just means we didn't get something we want only.

When we use another point of view to look at it, we actually learn or got something from it. It may seems not a good thing, but I believe it will make us become a better person or at least know how to differentiate what's good for us.

Just like relationship, we definitely have learned something from those past relationship. Happy or not, those still made you who you are now. Some people take longer time to learn, as they keep repeating the same mistake. However, the day still will come, and they know how to let go and become stronger. Those are painful experiences, but they can't stop us to know what we want.

Try to be optimistic, I would say destiny or God  (whatever is it), giving us all the hard times, so that we are ready for the one or having a better life. Some are blessed as don't have so much hard times, some just need go through a lot and a lot, to test their patience & persistence. 

Saw an interesting quote. "No matter how deep you have been hurt, there will be a person appears in your life, who makes you forgive how bad life has treated you."

Need learn to let go =)

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