Sunday, 8 June 2014

Things Learnt From Sean

Well..well time flies, Sean and I have been together more than one year. We didn't do anything for our anniversary, and I think Sean didn't even realize it was. Don't know..he is like doesn't like celebration even his birthday. I wrote a lovely note to him and he did nothing. To be honest, I felt a bit upset but that is him who I love, nothing to complain just accept it. Okay la.. at least he got replied a short sentence with sweet words for my note, I feel satisfied.

By saying that, I actually learnt few things from Sean or in our relationship..

1. Always need to have backup plan because he has the ability to make my plan or surprise fail. It's a good thing though because I can apply in my workplace. Now I got the habit always think of plan B.

2. The beauty of distance. He is busy most of the time and we hardly can spend nice time together, but I realized being together doesn't have to stick together all the time. Sometimes, we need to spend our times for others. We are just part of each other's life not as whole.  The feeling of excitement is great when seeing him after some times. 

3. Accept everything of the person you love. I have to admit, I tried to change him, but when I thought about it, it make no sense because that's who he is I falling into and no one is perfect. I need to accept those things..get over it and move on as long as it is not huge problem. We are the one make a minor thing becomes a big problem which ruin the relationship.

4. Family. Yes, after observing how Sean interacts with his family (warm and sweet family). I feel like I need put more effort on my family, especially my mum. My mum once said luckily she got me who willing to be her company going out or shopping since she doesn't have friends.

Here is part of the note I wrote to Sean...

"If one day you stop loving me, I will straight away let you go not because love turns hate, but I truly love you and want you to be happy......I might not the one you love the most, but I would like be the one who can make you smile and happy...."


  1. lol..If i were him i wouldn't know what to say after reading your note la. And hmm... based on what you have written, it seems like you are making quite a bit of compromises and still you feel insecure ? am i thinking too much??

    1. Haha..luckily he knew what to say. Well, that's a reason why I wrote it that way, he knows it as well. :)

  2. You two stay sweet laaaaaa = ) Aiyer