Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Recently, I'm very busy for exam and assignments. Still got a lot are coming..arrh..stress!! stress!!

That's why need to escape for a while, and there are many ways to reduce stress and feel relieve, I chose the naughty way since I also horny. ; )

Well, arrange the appointment with Mr. P., because recently it's quite hard to meet him. As usual, had cuddle pillow talks before and after.

Throughout all the convo, I really think that he tried to indirectly brainwash me to don't believe in relationship and love.

Like talking about his couple friends who dated 10 years, in the end still broke up..blah blah blah. Well, I just buat bodoh and didn't say much about relationship. I still believe in it.

He is kind of optimistic?? When I asked what happen he turns older and older, no more market? He just said he still can enjoy other things in life, just live and die alone... =___=  not sure what his ex has done to him...

This made me think about whether many of us want a relationship because we afraid of living alone in older age or maybe it's just minor part of having relationship..hmmm

Like his smile ; )


  1. When career kicks in and we starting to earn more and more money...

    The needs change...


    1. Hmmm...when you have more money, you will have more desire?

      Why sad face? :(

    2. i also don't understand. what's the connection between relationship and career?

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    4. Chen Xing,i understand you coz i'm working also:(

  2. I would definitely want a relationship. To experience that kind of feeling. Like falling in love. crushes don't count. hehehehe ....

    1. Hahaha..ya if crushes counted, I have falling in love so many times...xD