Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Three is Better than Two??

Happy Lunar New Year!!! Having a lot of fun during CNY???

To me, this year surprisingly didn't keep eating and eating, just got more ang pao ; ) I also don't know why.

This year except my granpa’s hosue full of people and could feel the CNY ambience. Went to friend’s house to..ehem..playing ‘game’ felt quite…quiet. Some of them still at over sea and couldn’t come back =(

Anyways, we still enjoyed the day with full of laughter, it’s so nice you have friends around and you don’t need jaga your image..LOLLL

Due to before and during CNY are hectic weeks, my timing with sex buddies couldn’t match at all!!! When they were free, I was busy and vice versa…=.=

Hence, I became hornier and hornier and I made a decision that I regretted. I downloaded Grindr and hunt for fun. Ended up having fun in threesomeerm new experience but this one not that pleasant.

First, they were not what the profile you saw..and it’s okay but they really quite treated me like a toy to lead them shoot out their juices. Maybe they could feel I was quite new and passive. It ended very fast..like literally. Well, like someone said it's a hook up..what can I expect..different from sex buddy or BF.

Oh!! Got one was Turkish..first time tried and I didn’t really like it. Too hairy..lol sorry no offend just not my taste. =)   Okay la I have to say his face is good looking. Another Asian..hmm..looking at his car..can know his family very rich. Why? Because he is just few years older than me already got nice car and condo.

Anyways, still prefer one to one ; )

How's everyone CNY? Good???
Turkish?? Anyone? Nope..he didn't shave his chest like this

Slimmer a bit..his face exactly like this model!!!


  1. why you didn't post a turkish dick?

  2. Mischievous kid! Hawt guys there. :) I wish I can have a bit of fun! Guys here are a bit boring. :(

    CNY was just alright. Planned to celebrate in Chinatown. It rained heavily the whole day so I just stayed home doing my work. *sigh*

    1. Are you sure or not? ; )

      Poor thing..is okay you still got a lot chances to celebrate it =)*HUG*

  3. threesome . you are more advance than me. lol

  4. yup yup! its good to have an experience and thats it cos i also find it a bit too much and cannot focus and like its just quite scary the whole thing now that i think of my experience..

    and like you dont even know if they are clean or not..

    and like if you blow them and all, if they are not clean, you could have it in your throat lor.. like the chlamydia thing.. urgh... now i think back also i scared.. hahahaha.. but for me its over liao..

    oh well...

    horniness sometimes brings out the worst of us, we cant really think properly and do stuffs that we might forget so, so, here is to remind you that you are responsible for your own actions and always to think before you act and enjoy everybit of what youre doing and no regrets! :) *hugs*

    1. I think we don't need have this kind of experiences. Just a few is enough for our curiousity and horniness.

      Ya. It's dangerous that's why I didn't hook up anymore. Sigh..just this time super horny and sex buddies not free. Well I guess just excuse. Next time I only need tell someone before I want do it so he can slap me to wake my rational mind...LOL

      I really have to be responsible for ny own body. Thank you so much from your comment : ) *hug* back ; )

  5. Haha, turkish delight. Sweet.

    Anyway, it's ok to try 3-some.


    More to come ? 4, 5 or even 6 ? Hehe.

    1. Not going to try anymore, prefer one to one ; )

  6. Wah you advanced already,dont have sex buddy but sex buddies,hows the kebab portion,a bit large is it?