Saturday, 20 April 2013

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Topic: Tolerance = Equality???

Found an interesting article from the internet, it gave me different point of view about what LGBT fighting. You may not agree with it, but just have a read for fun or whatever xD It is written in Chinese so not sure I translated it properly or not. >.<

This one based on true story from a tv show about interviewing people from LGBT organization. The hostess shared about a story from her daughter. She brought her to watch a movie that has homosexuality issue.

She: What did  you understand or see from Qing (one of the characters)?

The daughter: I know! She is a lesbian.  

She: Yes dear, and homosexuality is normal, so we need to tolerate it.

The daughter: Mummy, if homosexuality is normal, why we still need to tolerate it???

          Most of the time, when talking about homosexuality we always use the word ‘tolerance’, but sometimes tolerance is kind of showing “Those people” how great and lenient they are to tolerate and accept any kind of people under them. It seems like not the same with the Equal rights LGBT fighting for.
Within the LGBT group, we always can hear “Society should tolerate us” After some times, it sounds weird,  but we didn’t think about it deeply. However, the little girl pointed out this logical thinking.

         Got one gay man sharing about his touching story on an event, everyone was crying after listened to his story. He concluded “We just want to live like ordinary people, why the society can’t just tolerate our love, can’t just give us a small space?”
In many times, we can hear LGBT speech always full of sadness and sorrow, in such discriminate and prejudiced environment, it’s true LGBT struggle a lot in their life. Nonetheless, showing sadness and sorrow can’t exchange for equality, over showing our sadness will just make us weak. After a while, we ourselves also think we are inferior and weak.

         Actually, every right is gotten by fighting for it, the space for LGBT life is not given by the Mainstream, not even from straight people’s greatness and tolerance, where see LGBT so pity so give us some space to live. Showing our sorrow and sadness will just strengthen the mainstream society people’s greatness and rightness of their view.  

In reality, if none LGBT keep fighting for their rights persistently, there would not have change equality for LGBT. No matter is in Western society or Asian society.
What LGBT fighting for is Equality, not the word “Tolerance” that throw to us due to some reasons.   
Unfortunately, many Asian LGBT still kind of in passive mode and just live in present, BUT there are still changes and more people are standing up for their rights in Asian culture (like Taiwan and Vietnam). Hope, one day being part of LGBT is just a normal more hiding. Count on us or next generation???? Just keep fitghting for it =)

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  1. Wah sounds like someone becoming a LGBT activist! Hahah good job with the post.

    And yes naughty trick with the title. It certainly made me click on it. Hahah...

    1. Hahaha..the 'becoming' I guess is a long process or even not going happen..xD and thanks!!

      I wanted to use this trick so long already ..finally used ; )

  2. The daughter made sense. If its normal why tolerate? Just like a guy marrying a girl. Do the society have to tolerate since its normal? It's because normal means its part of society already and its acceptable. Not sure I'm making any sense here. Hahahaha.

    It's a tough fight but persistence will prevail maybe someday.

    Good title. Sure will get lots of hits! XD

    1. Yes! You got the point! :) Ya one day it will.

      Hahah..let's see it's going to be true or not ;)

  3. the thing is sometimes we ourselves portray to the other people our unpleasant side...

    1. That's why they pointed it out and encourage us don't just keep showing that side :)

  4. yup, tolerance is definitely not the same as equality. and I don't think it will change anytime soon here.