Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blue eyes

Browsed the internet and found this interesting news. It's about a talk show in Korea invited a mother and daugther who have bright blue eyes (due to lack of the pigment). They shared the difficulties in their life due to their eye colour.

Most of us really envy those Caucasians with beautiful eye colour, but sadly not for the case of them. People called them monsters and questioned their ethnic heritage. On the street, people normally give the prejudiced eyes and discriminte her.

She tried to wear black contact lens but quite hard for her little daughter, she was bullied in school because of her eye colour. Went to a zoo, everyone looking at them like those animal in the cage in a bad way. Due to these, her daughter really has low confidence about herself and hardly to smile.

Luckily, after the show people around started to concern about theri feelings and praise for their beautiful eyes. Her daughter also started to have smile on her face.

From this case, we can see that the in-group effect in Asian culture is quite strong. If you are different from us, you will be discriminated or treated badly. Maybe, that's why gay in Asian is quite hard to fight for equality.

Two guys holding hand is totally not 'normal' and you will be seen as a out-group member and can't really accept you. Actually, the most difficult thing for us in Asian, is not deal with the society, IT'S the PARENTS that we feel so hard to face it.

Now younger generation is more open to it and willing to accept, but we still can't forget the world still control by older generation so it really needs time for society to accept this fact.