Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tea, Book & Jealousy

I always want to go a coffee shop or cafe to have my tea and read a book. Just sitting there quietly enjoy the tea, book, muic...ambience. Recently, I finally able to accomplish it, but some quite not pleasant.

It's so nice to read a book in such nice enivronment..okay you might think I'm try to be classy or any annoying attitude. However, this is the moment I can totally relax and I also not able to do it often, so I very appreciate it. I tell myself every month must find one or two days to do it =)

Woo...thattt ; )

Okay another thing is my bro was sick past few days and I found out he is DAMN lucky!!! Why? He got a Super Nice girlfriend. She came to visit him and sort of taking care him la, got one moment his head lie down on her thigh resting at living room. I was..Hello?? Mum and I at home. -.-

Suddenly, he wanted to eat something, asked me go buy for him. I said you crawl there to buy. Then, girlfriend drove and picked him go to eat...Smarty =.= Then, go anywhere also GF fetched, took him wherever he wanted to go.

Arhh!! Okay la..I'm so jealous. -.- I wish my BF would do that for me..Wait! What I even don't have a BF..T.T

BTW, she said I look bigger and better now =D, but said my head still so small =.= What to do? Can't change my head size by work out.....

Should adjust nicely..not OCD enough -.-


Nice book too ; )


  1. I am curious. How small is your head ?? HaHaHa...

    1. I also don't know..I thought my head quite normal size

  2. I've always wanted to go to a coffeeshop and just sit there with a book. But most of the time I end up going with a text book. I heard that Coffea Coffee in Bangsar is a nice place. And Artisan in TTDI. Haven't been to either of the places myself though. Definitely on my to-do list the next time I go to KL.

    1. o.o Thanks for your recommendations =D Definitely going to find some times visit them. =)

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