Saturday, 30 June 2012


I'm gay.
Finally, I got the courage to tpye it out and speak out in my mind.

Being raised in a typical Chinese family, I still hiding inside the closet, but I finally accepted who I am, which I considerred a big step to me. After many years of denying and bargaining, I finally tell myself I have to accept who I really am, and I think start blogging is a good way to start my new journey or new chapter in my life. I don't care if got people visit my blog or not, as long as I can write whatever I want without hiding and pretending.

My blog's name is The Guy Wtih Masks because I think I am wearing many masks in my real life. I'm sure everyone at least have one mask with them in social world, to hide their true identity or thought. I think even with close friend, we will also have at least semi-transparent mask, except super closest friend who you can share everything with him or her. Unfortunately, I still don't have anyone can share everything. Therefore, I still wearing masks because I scare one mask is not enough for me to hide my true identity, especially in front of my family, until now I think people rarely suspect me as gay, even though I have some feminine sides. They think I am a introvert and nerdy boy.

I still very worry about people will find out I am gay, so I opened a new account to write this blog..yes I'm a very paranoid and anxious person, maybe just for this issue. Many plu blogs have been inspired me a lot to start thinking about my true identity, and I almost everyday visit those blogs to check got update or not. Hahaha..maybe I still new in this new world so want to find out more about it.

I think today I shall stop at here, althoguh I still got many things to write after accepted who I am. Since English is not my first language so sorry about the spelling and grammar if there are any mistakes.

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  1. reading ur blog frm the beginning. u inspire me.